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When I was younger I would do anything to make a buck. From lemonade stands, to picking flowers and selling them to my neighbors, to even selling my dad's pairs of skii's on the side of the road. I've always had the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

When I started racing at eleven years old, I learned the importance of the business and marketing side of motorsports. As I grew older and it was time to choose the degree I wanted to pursue, I decided upon Marketing. After 3.5 years of studying, I received my Bachelor’s degree. 


Once I relocated from Seattle, Washington to Mooresville, North Carolina in September of 2018 to pursue my career as a racecar driver, I decided it was also time to figure out how to make a living when I wasn't sitting behind the wheel of a racecar. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, and start my own company. Throughout my years of developing my brand for Molly Helmuth Racing, I knew I had what it takes to create eye-catching content for other individuals. 

That is how I came up with 9D Creative! Now, people ask me "what does '9D' stand for?" The answer is, my racecar number was N0. 90. It's how fans and my competition knew me as. Therefore, I wanted to continue to use a part of me that created who I am today, and to continue to use that piece to develop a new chapter in my life.​

My primary goal is to create content that my clients are PROUD to share with their fans, customers, and clients. (Yes, we branch outside of motorsports!)


When you work with 9D Creative, we will create stunning content that captures who you are, and what you do to help receive new clients, customers and marketing partners. Marketing is an investment, NOT an expense. 


So what are you waiting for?


-Molly Helmuth


9D Creative (Molly) is amazing to work with! Her work ethic & dedication to her work & clients truly shows. Even being across the country, working with Molly was seamless. I would recommend anyone to go to 9D Creative for their marketing needs!"


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